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COMPANY NAME Woodman Club Co.,Ltd.




PHONE: +81-92-736-5311  FAX: +81-92-736-5382
URL: https://www.woodman-club.com

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BUSINESS DAY Friday from every Monday 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
ESTABLISHMENT February, 1995



Designs, production and sales of various precision scaled model
Various ship, aircraft, war-ship, building, diorama etc.
Designing and creating various kind of models for exhibitions and otherrelated purposes.


Corporation and ndividual of every country in the world.
Shipyard company, ship shipping company, airline company, railway company,
building company, gas and electric companies, government offices, self defense forceand other commercial and industrial clients.






Woodman-Club Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, is one of the leading precision model manufacturer in Asia. Our core business is producing.models,with particular interest in ship aircraft and railway models.


About the ship up until now, we have produced models of the majority of modern ships, as well asseveral kinds of ancient vessels.


The railroad model delivered many models to the railroad company from a layout to a vehicle.
We deliver the plane model to many major airlines from a jumbo jet to a small plane, a helicopter.


Over the years, we have mastered the technology and management of the models production.  Thanks to this, has Woodman-Club managed to establish a long term cooperation with the National Maritime Museum, numerous large international shipyard, airline, and railroad companies.


We sends it to the Japan United States Europe, and Southeast Asia of the customer of all the countries of the world including.





We have cooperated with a Chinese university and several other institutes. The craftsman of the Philippines was also trained.


We have also been looking for new solutions with regards to design and technology, and managed to create our own, individual style.


On the one hand, our staff consists of highly skilled workers with over 20 years of experience in the areas of model design and production.
Additionally, we are continuously recruiting and training professionals with a knack for the model industry.









◆Factory of Wooden models =Location is Philippines.


Our factory of wooden models occupies an area of 1.700 m2.
We place each post of Design, Saw a log up, Part production, Whole production,Painting, Drying,Packing. In close to 150 employees are working.
It is all handmade, and the model produces it for approximately 5-6 month.
We can produce a ship, an airplane, a railroad, a car, anything including the tank.



◆Factory of Fiberglass resin/resin models =Location is JAPAN


Japan factory of  an area is 331 m2,so it’s a bit narrow,but one chief craftsman and four general craftworkers are working every day.

We respond to every order including ship, aircraft, diorama, space rocket, various advertisement items.

Regardless of the material, we also accept requests for various repairs and remodeling. It also supports models with movement and lighted models,etc too. Shipment to overseas is also possible.




◆Factory of Fiberglass resin/resin models =Location is CHINA


Our factory of fiberglass resin/resin models occupies an area of 1.300m2 and consists of a designing room, carving workshop,lathe workshop, hull casting workshop, hull shaping workshop, hull moulding shop, hull assembly shop, painting shop, small boats’ parts production shop, large boats production shop, extra-large boats production shop, rapidform machine shop, and twelve other miscellaneous rooms and workshops. About 40 employees are working.In order to faciliate managment and ensure trouble-free design and production, each and every segment of the flow production takes place in a relevant location.







Aiming at the quality beyond the real thing.We promise a job that exceeds the quality you want.


For Woodman Club customers,We would like to produce a model for exhibition goods and gift items that emphasizes the high degree of completeness and precision thereof.
It is a so-called company like domestic and oversea shipyard, shipping company, airline, museum, mail order company etc.


Desired specifications differ for each customer, but according to customer’s request,Made-to-order precision model to carefully produce one point at a time, 1:As cheap as possible  2:By the desired date 3:To the place of your choice   We will surely deliver it.





Woodman Club So it “Can” “Choose” “Granted”The biggest feature is that you can select manufacturing factory according to customer’s wishes by material, cost and delivery date.


We have set up our factory in 4 places in total, including 3 countries including Japan, according to the material / product to be used
We respond to respond to all customer’s requests.
In particular, we have a large number of craftworkers at two overseas factories, so we can accommodate orders in large lots (1.000 units or more).










◆About Wooden models

Heavy machinery is hardly used.
A chisel and plane etc. are used and most is manufactured by people’s hand.
Large volume orders or small volume orders are also manufactured by the same method.


Therefore, a five to six-month manufacture period is required.
But we will make only one product in the world.


◆About Fiberglass resin/resin models

Accuracy and precision in key in the display model and scale model industry. In order to push the boundary for precision of our scale models, Woodman-club introduced the use AutoCAD software for planning and laser cutting machine to raise productivity.


We possess the most advanced 2D and 3D carving machines and molding machines.
The equipment that we have at our disposal includes the 3D and regular carving machines, FDM 3D moulding machine, wire cutting machine, lathe, vacuum casting machine, and other necessary machines.


For large volume orders we can employ an injection moulding method, which increases the accuracy and efficiency,lowers the costs and shortens production period.
For small volume orders we can use an FDM casting method, French polyurethane resin and fast casting.


Apart from the above, with the use of chemical etching, we are able to produce very precise components and elements specially designed for each model.



Ship model building is very comprehensive work. It requires the mastering of the technique of producing detailed handmade components , but simultaneously uses sophisticated processing machinery.


It also demands the understanding of available materials and discovering new ones, applying suitable computer designing systems, and carrying out continuous research towards the improvement of the design process.  All of this is required to create models true to life.



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mail to: info@woodman-club.com




What we can say with confidence is that we have seriously made model making since our company was founded in 1995.

I will continue to believe that if you continue this motto, you will be able to understand it as well.

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